Technology Support

Service Desk

eiNetwork provides libraries with technology support for all our core services.  Libraries have dedicated Service Desk staff that provide troubleshooting for hardware and software issues, connectivity, performance and emergency support. Service Desk staff also respond to questions and requests for added functionality and access that libraries need to enhance their services. eiNetwork supplements staff support with an online Service Desk Portal. The portal provides a comprehensive knowledge base, one-click request and incident reporting, and a centralized interface that lets staff track their reported issues.  

Technology Resource

eiNetwork strives to help libraries identify, implement, and provide ongoing support of emergent technologies to improve library operations throughout the county. These optional service areas utilize the eiNetwork infrastructure, but libraries can choose to participate, depending on their service needs and funding levels. 

Examples include: 

  • Web hosting 
  • Voice over IP (VoIP) 
  • Online Program Calendar
  • Printer Maintenance/Management
  • RFID Security for Library Collections 
  • Self-Check Out Machines 
  • Material vending kiosks 
  • Various devices attached to network, commonly referred to as Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Data backup storage