Computer Management

Computer and Laptop Procurement

Libraries are a hub of technology services and it is essential that library staff and patron technology is always within its useful life. eiNetwork provides replacement of these devices at regular three-year intervals.  We negotiate contract and volume pricing for library cost savings, and take care of software licensing, equipment warranty services, and offer financing options for libraries.

Desktop Management

Desktop computers, laptop computers and other mobile devices require a myriad of configuration settings and security measures to help provide safe and stable computing experiences for library patrons and library staff. eiNetwork manages desktop presentation, access to other network resources (printers, file storage, etc.), and management of user and computer settings for all staff and public computers. We design, support, and administer the Microsoft Windows environment including Active Directory Group Policies and user profiles for all shared staff and public user accounts and computers. eiNetwork staff also performs software and security updates for all standard software on the managed desktops/laptops.

Public Computer and Print Management

eiNetwork manages the session management and print management systems used to automate patron access to computers provided by the library. We maintain and administer the Envisionware software system of public session management, ensuring that the local configurations are backed up centrally. Patron privacy is protected by elimination of patron-specific information. The print management system, Princh, helps libraries configure local payment options. eiNetwork troubleshoots software problems to fix bugs and improve features.