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Henry L. Hillman Foundation Provides $130,000 Grant to Upgrade Wireless Network Access Points for Allegheny County Libraries

Pittsburgh, PA.  April 2024 – eiNetwork is pleased to announce a generous grant of $130,000 from the Henry L Hillman Foundation to bolster the wireless network infrastructure in Allegheny County libraries. This grant, titled “Library Wireless Access Point Replacement,” is a testament to the foundation’s commitment to advancing access to technology and education within our community.

The grant will cover the library cost of replacing and upgrading all existing wireless access points currently deployed in Allegheny County Library Association (ACLA) and Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh (CLP) branches. This initiative aims to enhance connectivity and ensure patrons and staff have reliable access to the digital resources they need.  The benefit of this grant extends beyond simply paying for the replacement and upgrade of the library access points.  The libraries are able to redirect the budget dollars originally allocated to the equipment replacement to instead expand their community services.

“With this generous support from the Henry L. Hillman Foundation, we will be able to significantly improve the wireless network experience for library users throughout Allegheny County,” said Carlos Correa, Executive Director at eiNetwork. “This investment will not only replace outdated equipment but also expand coverage, ensuring that more individuals can benefit from seamless connectivity.”

Currently, there are 370 aging access points spread across ACLA and CLP libraries in the county, all of which are over six years old. With this grant, eiNetwork will replace each of these with brand new, state-of-the-art equipment. Moreover, the grant will enable eiNetwork to increase the number of access points deployed to 440, significantly improving wireless network coverage in many libraries across Allegheny County.

The upgraded wireless network will be available to patrons and staff at each library, fostering a conducive environment for learning, research, and community engagement.

eiNetwork expresses its sincere gratitude to the Henry L Hillman Foundation for their generous contribution and commitment to advancing digital inclusion in Allegheny County.

For more information about the Library Wireless Access Point Replacement project and other eiNetwork initiatives, please visit

About eiNetwork:

eiNetwork is a part of the Allegheny County library consortium (along with ACLA and CLP).  eiNetwork manages and supports the shared technology services for each of the 46 independent libraries across the county.  eiNetwork’s goal is to enhance digital access and connectivity for libraries and residents in Allegheny County. Through partnerships and initiatives, eiNetwork aims to bridge the digital divide and empower individuals with the tools and resources needed to thrive in the digital age.

About the Henry L. Hillman Foundation:

Henry L. Hillman Foundation works to ensure that Pittsburgh’s considerable strengths, assets, and advantages are fully leveraged to make it one of the world’s most innovative and forward-looking cities, with a reputation for solving big problems through civic leadership and collaboration.


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