Network Service

eiNetwork provides the underlying network technologies and services used to connect county libraries.  Network services include Wide Area Network (WAN), Local Area Network (LAN), Wireless, and Remote Access.

eiNetwork manages and administers the fiber network, core network equipment, and DQEC contract for our WAN. We monitor the connections to ensure reliability, performance, and security. Network services also includes the management of the a Local Area Network (LAN), and troubleshooting and replacement of edge network switch devices.


eiNetwork provides support for connecting staff computers, public computers and other library-owned devices that can use Wi-Fi Protected Access II (WPA2) security. We provide Wireless Access Point (WAP) standards, remote configuration of access points, and troubleshoot connectivity problems. eiNetwork helps libraries determine the best placement for access points within their building to maximize coverage.

A Wi-Fi captive portal is used as part of eiNetwork network security. It is a special web page that is shown before using the Internet that requires users to accept an Internet Access Policy before being allowed to use the Internet or other network resources.


eiNetwork’s strives to ensure a risk-free and secure environment for keeping all data, network, and devices guarded against cyber threats. The cybersecurity program includes multiple components: 

  • Firewall Management 
  • Vulnerability and Network Penetration Testing and Remediation 
  • Continual Monitoring  
  • Microsoft Defender for Office 365